Back 2 School Summer Jam


with Kane, Don Tre & Dopey Locz

Kane is an upcoming artist out of Eugene, Oregon.  He was born in Pomona, CA.  He and his mom moved to Eugene around 1990 and soon after the rest of his family followed.  Kane is from a close knit family and today they all live today in Eugene. 

Dopey Locz is from Northern California.  He brings a real uncut style of pure dope to the rap game.



Pilot Talk Trilogy Tour with special guests at the historic WOW Hall in Eugene! 

Kung Fu Vampire and Locksmith

Kung Fu Vampire and Locksmith

along with special guests Locksmith and Bibster.

Lil' Peep

Lil Peep

A new generation is rewriting the rules, and Lil Peep may just be at the forefront. He emerged from the hazy SoundCloud underground with 2016’s Hellboy, redrawing the lines of genre by instinct: a rap artist with earnest lyrics indebted to emo, an emo artist unafraid of hip-hop’s directness and contemporary sound, an auteur whose gritty aesthetic belies his broad appeal. Originally from the East Coast, Peep dropped out of high school and moved to Los Angeles at 17, kicking around the city couchsurfing and living under the radar.