Passport Acceptance Center

Get adult and minor passports through our government-authorized center. 

Get Passports

Lane Transit District

We sell Adult and Youth monthly bus passes and 10-ride ticket books

Key checkout for EMU student offices

Students and staff who need keys for EMU offices can stop by our office for information and key checkout.

Fax Service

Send out your faxes from the ticket office!
  • Local fax: $1.00 for first page, 50¢ for each additional page
  • Long-distance fax: $2.00 for first page, 50¢ for each additional page
  • International fax: $5.00 for first page, $1.00 for each additional page

Duck Bucks

You can use Duck Bucks to purchase tickets. You can also make deposits to your Duck Bucks account at the ticket office.